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We're barley out of S/S2021 , but ahead of the trend we want you S/S 2022 Ready like the Trendsetter you are !

A handpicked collection of trending  make up looks for S/S2022, inspired by London Fashion Week .Using the psychology of colour attract these attributes to you using these key 2022 shades.

Expect to see  hues of  Poinciana ~ A commanding heated red, most definitely a statement colour of dominance and passion.

Daffodil~Joyful daffodil connects us to the spontaneity of Spring gardens.

Innuendo ~ a high viz/high fashion hue of hot pink, sends a tantalising message.

Coca Mocha ~ warm spirited , earthy brown .

Spun Sugar ~ A light blue hue, a sweetened pastel with an airy nature.