Beau Bakers Mink Lash Release

OMG ! That was a Sugar rush !... so we literally just launched our very first own brand luxury mink eyelashes in two styles 'black forest' and 'soufflé' on Friday 12th August 2016. We had lots of great feedback about you beauties loving the packaging and a fair few of you commented in awe about how super soft the lashes feel. We are totally looking forward to hearing more and more feedback from you lasses about our lashes as time ticks on .

One of the benefits of this job is I get to 'test drive' these rude girls (rude girls= lashes hope we haven't totally lost you ) prelaunch before they go out on sale to you guys and one thing I must comment on is how super lightweight they feel on your eyes.

I have on 'Blackforest' at present , it is the more dramatic style of the two and gives a glamorous full effect , however I must say they are surprisingly lightweight and completely comfortable to wear.

whilst it still feels a little Jam rolly polly served with gravy to be reviewing our own product , we are totally looking forward to you serving your own reviews on our lashes.

Serve your view right here we would love to hear from you .

what do you think dolls ?


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